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For viral and fungal diseases

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Biorakshak-60 can control a range of fungal and bacterial infections in the soil and on leaves. Its natural and herbal formulation can directly inhibit other microbes and also stimulates plants to control pathogens. it also enables the plants to control and prevent many fungal, bacterial, and algal diseases. Biorakshak-60 has been developed with a high-quality formula that effectively controls many fungal pathogens of plants and improves soil nutrient uptake.

INGREDIENTS: Tulsi, Ardusi, Had Sankal, Satodi, Nilgiri, Neem Oil, Gypsum, Arand Oil.

CONTENT: Herbal Extract & Oil of Medicinal Plants.

FUNCTION: Suitable for all viral diseases & all types of fungal infections with stagnates and growth of plants.

CROPS: Tobacco, Papaya, Till, Tomato, Chilly, Brinjal, Yellow Veins of Okara, Bunchy top of Banana, Etc.

DOSE: First, take water in a bucket and take Biorakshak-60 in 40 to 50ml volume, mix the mixture well for 5 to 7 minutes, fill it in the 15-liter pump, add remaining water, and spray. If there is any fungus inside the root, drench the mixture with the pump. Sprinkle in the evening for best results.

APPLICATION: Suitable for both pre and post-application. Do not mix with any pesticides and fungicides.


  1. Effective control of soil-borne diseases, fungal diseases, viral diseases, root rot, leaf spot, ocher, blight, etc.
  2. Suitable for all viral diseases.
  3. Excellent Diseases suppressor.
  4. Effectively controls pathogens.
  5. Eco-friendly & Biodegradable.

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