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A superior spreading, sticking, wetting, and activating agent called Teamex Stick & Spread was created to enhance the wetting, spreading, and penetration of chemicals. Stick & Spread Silicon Spreader rapidly wets and spreads cum on leaves by lowering surface tension to an extremely low level. Information is combined to obtain almost total leaf covering. The item makes it easier for chemicals to enter plant tissue.


Mix 5 ML of Stick & Spread with 15 Liters of Water for all crops for foilar application.


• Stick & Spread Reduces Surface Tension and Makes Water Wetter & It Also Helps Water Penetrate the Soil Faster And More Evenly.
• Helps The Pesticides Spread Better and Hence Gives Better Disease Control.
• Many Types of Soils, Because Of Their Compact Nature Or Water Repellency, Tend To Resist Water's Penetration. By Making Water Wetter Stick & Spread Helps Water Penetrate Soils More Easily and Get on With The Job For Which It Is Intended. Because Of The Faster Soil Penetration, There Is Less Run of Less Wasted Water.
• Helps Keep Pesticides in Suspension. Often The Pesticide May Not Mix Really Well with Water and Separates Rather Quickly. When Stick & Spread Is Added to The Pesticide Solution According to The Directions, It Helps Keep   Pesticides Dispersed So That Separation Problems Are Greatly Reduced or Eliminated Entirely.
• Stick & Spread Is Made with Unique, Non-Corrosive Formula To Protect Metal Pumps, Tanks, And Other Metal Equipment From The Dangers Of Rust & Corrosion.
• Stick & Spread Contains Low Foaming Surfactant Which Is Both Non-Ionic & Biodegradable
• It Helps Improve Crop Yield By 30-40%.


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