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Teamex stands for Team Exponential and we really mean it !

From Director's Desk

Teamex is all about economic, social and intelligence growth. Youngster's of teamex works hard to make developed community in country.

Develpoing india through technology. Teamex is an institution who adapted advance technology and models to spread the awareness about key basic needs like Education, Health, Leasure and Agriculture. Direct selling is a best way to deliver product with high value. We don't say, we do it. Delivering best product at best value and satisfying customer needs through best service with good business opportunity. Yes we are teamex.

Director: Mr. Nirmal Patel

Our Moto

  • Teamex Retail Ltd.
    - The Best Career Opportunity

About Teamex

  • Mission
    By the teamwork we gather every people of India in our organization to create income opportunity that improves economical growth & status of India...
  • Vision
    To provide best product, service and self-fulfillment needs of everyone globally, To create a company that serves everything according their needs...
  • Our Values
    Trust, Respect, Teamwork, Leadership, Knowledge

    By providing the best environment, a person will grow personally & professionally and use knowledge & skill to fulfill own dreams...


  • Ground Level Work
    Teamex Retail Ltd. is a company which works on ground level of india. We know the roots of india are in villages. So out goal is to focus is on ground level work.
  • Unemployement
    One of the major issue we are solving in villages is Unemployement. Our goal is to decrease unemployement by 70% in next 2 year. Every family must have one member who can take care of complete family. We want to build prosperous india. Our goal is to make person capable of living by their own. Enough income to make people live good life.
  • Digital India & Skill India
    Education is the basic need today, and Computer is going to cover major area in nearby future. We are focusing on Digital India and Skill India. We are working hard to make people educated. We are spreading volunteer awareness about computer education. No people should be illiterate about computer education. Because Computer is the future.


  • Training and Awareness
    People needs awareness and education desparately. We are working at ground level to make people of aware current technologies. Our Educational Courses have wide range of courses which makes people aware of current technology to utilities.
  • Capable Person
    Basic earning is neccessary for all. We want to make people self dependent. So they can live life without any financial expectation from other. Our goal is to make people earn with fun.
  • Lavish Living
    Everyone have a dream to live a life where there is a luxury. One should born poor, but not die. Our goal is to make people habitual of lavishness. People should have a dream of travelling work. Not just die in one corner of small city. We help people to achieve that dream. That's our goal.